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C4 is an extremely versatile strain as a result of it being a 50% indica / 50% sativa hybrid, with a balanced high that perfectly mixes a euphoric mind high with a calm body buzz. The origin of C4 can be traced to Vancouver-based breeders, Chimera Seeds, who crossed Cotton Candy Kush with Shishkaberry to create this perfect hybrid blend.

C4 is generally recommended as a daytime strain in order to feel the full benefits of its mind high and energizing effects; however, when taken in larger doses it can result in a sedated, couch locked state that may be more suitable for the evening. Living up to its reputation as the perfect hybrid, C4 is ultimately a flexible strain that you can tailor to create your ideal high and suit the time of day that you are smoking, depending on the doses that you take.

Despite being named after an explosive, C4 is anything but an explosive high, with its effects creeping up on you slowly. When smoking C4 for the first time, it is important to be aware of its delayed reaction, as it is easy to think that you have taken too low a dose and continue smoking only to realize half an hour later that you have accidentally taken more than you intended.

You will first notice the effects of C4 as your breathing slows and you begin to feel a sense of calm wash over you. Everything around you feels as though it is happening in slow motion and that you are gliding through space and time with ease. Negative thoughts appear to be pushed to the back of your mind, and you feel an intense wave of happiness. It is the early stages of the high that make it such a popular strain for combating the effects of depression. To truly take advantage of this interesting blend of feelings, why not try listening to relaxing music and experiencing a new almost psychedelic outlook on your favorite tunes.

As C4 works its way through your body, its physical effects begin to take hold, and your joints start to feel loosened, making you feel almost weightless and able to move with a sense of freedom.  You feel physically energized, making this the perfect time to take on physical challenges, whether this is beating your treadmill record at the gym or doing the gardening, it would be a shame to let such high levels of energy go to waste. These effects also make it the perfect party strain, giving you an energy boost and a sense of mental freedom that make it almost impossible not to be the life and soul of the party.

As the mind high begins to settle, you feel an intense level of focus that, when combined with the physical effects of C4, make anything feel possible. C4 is the ideal strain to share with friends on a day out or to enjoy while on holiday, with long afternoon stretched out ahead of you.

What can you expect from C4 in terms of its aroma?


C4 combines an unusual mix of smells that blend together to create a surprisingly pleasing scent that you cannot help but enjoy. You first notice the earthy, piney smells of the forest, but then slowly begin to appreciate the citrus notes that lay hidden beneath. These two very different smells are commonly compared to walking into a freshly cleaned house and being hit with the strong smell of furniture polish and citrus cleaning products blending together.

Grinding C4 releases a strong smell of hash that mixes with the citrus notes and creates a refreshing aroma, which feels very much like what you first think of when you encounter marijuana smoke for the first time. C4 has a thick and rather cloying smoke that sticks to the back of your throat, causing you to cough as your lungs try to clear away the remains.

How does C4’s flavor profile compare to its aroma?


C4 has a very traditional flavor profile, being almost the exact flavor that those new to Marijuana would expect to taste with their first drag. This does not make C4 bad; it just lacks that spark that shocks and delights you from the very first puff.

Inhaling C4 you experience a mix of thick hash, citrus and pine smoke that combine to create a delightful taste that lingers on your tongue as the lemony notes start to shine through. Exhaling you experience a warmed hash taste that passes through your mouth, leaving you with a pungent lemon, skunk flavor in the back of your throat.

How about how its looks? What can you expect from C4 in terms of its appearance?


C4 plants cannot help but catch your eye with their bright green leaves that extend beyond the plant, almost hitting you in the face if you dare to get too close. Longer leaves tend to curl towards the end as if they know that they are trying to venture too far from the base of the plant.

Dense buds form large spherical shapes, which grow tightly packed together around the base of the plant, becoming less and less bunched as they work their way up the plant’s stem. The buds have a vibrant spring feel to them, as a result of the yellow and orange pistils that cover the light green buds. A fluffy texture covers the buds, made up of the trichomes that have a deep rich appearance to them. Due to the density of the buds, they are difficult to break apart with your hands and tend to feel robust.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you might want to know about C4 before you start growing your own plants.

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