Frequently asked questions

Q1. Whats the process?
First and foremost we are a digital marketing studio that sells discount service coupons. As a token of our appreciation we gift cannabis products.

For first timers, text the pick up line or delivery line with your ID next to your face, along with your picture and gift choices. You can block out your address, we just need your birth date and ID expiration date to be visible. If you are bringing someone else they need to send ID with their face next to it as well. We will not accept anyone that hasn’t sent their ID. This is for our safety, to make sure we are gifting the correct person, and to avoid gifting people under 21. We Initiative 71 compliant

Q2. How long will delivery take?
This depends on a couple factors: time you order, your location (far – close), traffic. Usually it takes from 30 min to 2 hours max

Q3. How long will pick up take?
We run on an appointment based system. We will reply and confirm your appt the day of with location and earliest availability

Q4. Whats the minimum purchase amount?
$100 minimum for delivery.

Q5. Can I get a free gift if I’m under 21?
No, under Initiative 71you cannot.

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