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Cannabis product review: Herbabuena Quiver Sensual Lubricant

Quiver is a verb, meaning to shake or move with a slight trembling motion. When used in a sentence, “she quivered with anticipation.” You’ll see exactly what I mean when you give Herbabuena’s cannabis infused sensual lubricant a go.

Herbabuena Quiver Cannabis Lubricant. (Courtesy photo)

Let’s get one thing clear, so-called “weed lube” is not actually a lubricant in the traditional sense. It’s more of a massage oil that, with the addition of cannabis, can really get the ball rolling. It stimulates arousal, which produces desire, which in turn produces more natural lubricant (speaking to the cisgendered female-bodied folks reading this). Those seeking a powerful climactic experience (and possibly a second helping right after) should definitely experiment with a cannabis lubricant, and Quiver’s an excellent product to start with.

Pleasure-wise, Quiver is designed to relax soft tissue while increasing blood flow and stimulation. It is made from two strains that are specifically grown for their sensual appetite, muscle relaxing, and physical stimulation effects.

Herbabuena is a leader in using sun-grown, full spectrum, cannabis extract and always includes beneficial herbs – cinnamon and cloves, which have long been used for their aphrodisiac properties. It’s all set in a base of organic coconut oil, but it feels like a good lube ought to, with a clean texture and no sticky residue. It’s gently warming and definitely produces heightened sensation “down there.” It’s a lubricant, a toner, and in some cases, provides relief from cramping. You can apply this internally or topically, about 20 minutes or so before getting frisky.

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For those of you wondering about vaginal health, rest assured that Quiver is super pure and chemical-free. This lube is hand-made and tested by a panel of folks for consistency. This commitment to high production standards set this small but mighty company apart from others who might be trying to capitalize on the craze around cannabis and pleasure. I’d really recommend this lubricant for its thoughtful and sustainable practices, and even more importantly, because the product works.

The Wrap: If you’re looking for a high-end topical with all organic ingredients for your localized pleasure, this is the one. It’s on the pricey side but it’s super effective. And don’t think this is just for femmes! It’s great for any body looking to extend and intensify pleasure.

Potency: 2-ounce bottle with 80mg of THC. Recommended starting dose is 2 pumps, which is about 4mg of THC.

Price: Around $40 per bottle

Effects: 10 out of 10 for pleasure-boosting sensation and lovely texture.

Availability: Only downside to this product is that it’s a little tricky to find. Though sold in California, you should check with your local dispensary.


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